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Oxford Resources for Cambridge

If you’re teaching Cambridge, choose Oxford’s world-class expertise

For over two decades we’ve been creating unique learning materials that help students excel. Our high-quality resources are underpinned by the enduring excellence of one of the world’s leading universities.

Oxford Resources for Cambridge includes blended teaching and learning resources, and professional development, for the journey from Primary to A Levels. Rigorously developed by academic experts with a deep understanding of the curriculum, our materials support and exceed the Cambridge syllabus to ensure a perfect fit with the exam and your classroom.

At Oxford we’re quick and responsive to syllabus changes. We embed critical thinking skills throughout our resources, and seamlessly integrate materials to shape your students’ progress. Our Exam Success Guides provide unique support for Cambridge assessments, going beyond our competitors to help your students achieve their goals.

With our global outlook and vast experience, Oxford for Cambridge is the perfect choice for international students and teachers. Always advancing knowledge and learning, we aim to engage, inspire, and support every student through each step of their Cambridge learning journey.

You can rely on Oxford Resources for Cambridge for:

  • Fully comprehensive student books, mapped to the Cambridge syllabuses
  • Teacher resources and development that support effective planning and delivery
  • Thorough exam-focused support that equips students to get top marks in assessment
  • Subject-leading authors with examining and training expertise
  • Innovative online resources that support blended learning and Cambridge exam success

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